Oct 06, 2017

Are You a Type-O Personality?

There is an error in this article

By Stu Slayen     

Some people think typos are funny. Some people think typos are aggravating. Some people think Typos is one of the beautiful Greek islands.

The fact is, more than anything else, typos are distracting – but we all love to find them! (I placed a typo in this short article on purpose to prove my point.)

I’ve made typographical errors, and so have you. When you work with millions of words over a career, it’s inevitable for each of us. That said, there is a big difference between the occasional oops and an established pattern of error.

If your readers start to look for errors in your materials because they expect to find them, then you’ve lost them as authentic readers. They’re reading you for sport.

Triple-check your work before you publish. Have someone else take a look at your copy with fresh eyes. Once in a while, it makes sence to hire a professional proofreader. Be known for what you get right, not for what you get wrong.