Stu Slayen is available to work with non-profit organizations and businesses that care about inspiring and motivating audiences with powerful stories and clear messages. Whether working with you as a writer or editor, helping you strategize, or training your people to become better communicators, Stu’s goal is to make your organization or business more effective and more successful.

Stu Slayen is available to serve your non-profit organization or business under a variety of arrangements:

Monthly Retainers

As a retained consultant on a monthly fee, Stu will help your organization or business achieve its communications objectives. If you have no communications staff, Stu can serve as your communications lead. If you have communications staff, Stu can take on special projects or specific functions to keep your staff focused on what they do best.

Either way, hiring Stu as a retained, external consultant is more economical than adding an employee. He brings veteran savvy and an ability to dive right into complex communications projects.

Stu only accepts a limited number of concurrent monthly retainer engagements.

Project Contracts

For publications, videos, websites, reports, speeches, and other projects, Stu will work on a flat fee based on a mutual understanding of the scope of assignment. Flat fee arrangements lessen the administrative burden and provide clients with cost certainty. Stu does not charge by the hour for writing and editing services.

Customized Training and Consulting Packages

Stu will customize his communications training services based on the needs of his clients. This can include any or all of the following:

  • group sessions;
  • individual coaching; and
  • confidential executive consultation.

Flat fees are based on the scope of the assignment.

Learn more about Stu’s training offerings.

Equity Arrangements

For private start-up enterprises, Stu will consider business relationships that are based on reduced service fees plus a portion of company equity.