Stu Slayen is a seasoned, savvy, sophisticated communications specialist whose mission is to energize non-profit organizations and visionary businesses through effective story-telling and crystal-clear messaging.

Stu has been working as an independent communications consultant since 2009. He lives in Winnipeg, Canada, and works with local, national, and international clients. Stu writes, edits, trains, and develops communications strategies. Visit the Services section to learn more.

Stu believes the following:

  • In a cluttered information environment, a good story (told well) rises
    above all else.
  • Every business or organization has interesting stories to tell, but not every story will move your audiences.
  • The language you use reflects your business’s or organization’s culture
    and character.
  • Your content should be more persuasive than encyclopedic. Make them care or make them curious, and they will click.
  • No reader should ever have to read a sentence more than once to
    understand it.
  • The best organizational communications are shaped by the “outside
    voice” (the words your audiences use) and not by the “inside voice” (the
    words you use at work).
  • Humour is a ridiculously powerful communications tool. But not always.
  • Good approval processes – driven by a deep desire to connect with your audiences – will produce better results.


* Jargon and Acronyms Make Readers Work Too Hard